About Jessica Lollino

Observer, listener, writer, cunning linguist, amateur beer expert, wanderluster, beauty product junkie, chef, yogini, and voted “Most likely to get you to spit your beer out laughing” are just a few of the ways people have described Jessica. A writer since the tender age of seven with her first scandalous, family secret-spilling novelette written as a gift for her grandparents' anniversary, she loves to excite with the written word.
Jessica is a published children’s book author and poet, sometime-English professor, occasional yoga teacher, and long-time professional writer. Jessica holds a Master’s degree in English from Butler University, so she can convince people she knows when to use a semicolon versus a comma. She loves looking at things from new and interesting angles and her writing often follows that interest. Above all, Jessica is grateful to have a career where she can be part of the conversation socially, and be part of the ancient tradition of storytelling.

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