About Roohi Moolla

Roohi Moolla is an entrepreneur, author, inventor and the CEO and Founder of Pryme. She has broad experience in digital media and marketing including strategy, technology and social media at multiple startups and large enterprises.

As Senior Vice President, Strategy and Trends Leader for Enterprise Social Media at Wells Fargo, Roohi led strategic planning and innovation for emerging social technologies. Her team’s responsibilities include acting as the “compass” for a broad range of social media initiatives across the company, evaluating and guiding entry into new social platforms and capabilities, leading the social research agenda, and acting as the thought leader and strategist for social data, reviews, UGC, gamification, in-language, team members and international initiatives. While at Wells Fargo, Roohi invented and and now holds multiple social media and technology patents, receiving the 2015 Prodigy Award for Patent Innovation.

Roohi joined Wells Fargo in 2012 with more than 20 years of technology, marketing and leadership experience. She started her career as a (building) Architect, practicing for almost ten years before switching to software technology. As a technologist, she held numerous lead roles in startups and enterprise companies, including acting as Lead Developer for the startup that became, and Chief Product Architect for a new-issue, municipal-bond trading software platform with over $30 billion in annual trade volume. In 2008, she founded and ran a successful startup and a digital marketing agency, and as an early adopter of social media, helped hundreds of clients to achieve their marketing and business goals. In 2011, she authored a how-to book on Facebook for small business and held roles as a social media strategist for both Autodesk and Williams-Sonoma prior to joining Wells Fargo.

Roohi graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, and the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Architecture. She was born in Myanmar, grew up in the UK, and has lived and worked in Canada and the US. She is a mother of an amazing daughter and son, a weekend artist and an amateur photographer residing in the San Francisco North Bay area, hiking along the Pacific coast as often as possible.

FTC Puts Spotlight On Lead Generation

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Buyer Beware: The Hidden Pitfalls of Lead Generation Do you realize that when you complete a web form or submit information to a website, your information may not be secure or private? Do you know that your information may be viewed, passed, managed, sold and re-sold to any number of companies? We’ve all done it. We [...]

Ignorance Is Not A Virtue

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Wielding ignorance like a sword, American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer believes that President Obama is “giving the internet away” - he's misinformed.

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Opinion: Donald Trump And I Agree On One Thing.

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Why Donald Trump Doesn't Need to Spend Ad Dollars The “main stream media” outlets are getting themselves in a bit of a knot these days. Pundits on CNN, Fox, MSNBC and other major TV channels are excitedly trying to determine whether the amount of money Donald Trump has spent on TV advertising is enough. [...]

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