Dr. Carolina Barillas-Mury: Believing in the Possible

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“Find something you enjoy doing so you can be happy. Strive for excellence, learn to work with men, learn to communicate well with colleagues. Most people are reasonable, so with good communication I seldom have problems.”

African Grey Parrots: Intelligent and Endangered

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African Grey parrots are widely favored as pets due to their high level of intelligence and incredible abilities to “speak” and communicate. Yet, the same endearing qualities that makes them so popular as pets also increases their market demand, ultimately threatening wild populations.

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Reproductive Benefits: Fertility And The Modern Career Woman

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She was slightly built and adorable at forty-two years old. Catie was a friend of a friend invited to the springtime beach party. We chatted about her career as a medical device salesperson who recently returned from living in China. Somehow we began to talk about me being a step-parent, and about her dating [...]

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