“The feeling of being beautiful arises when you feel a connection to all those around you and to the whole of life itself. As you move through life, it is not only possible, but natural, to grow more beautiful.”

We all notice a woman who has a visible passion for life. The beauty and confidence she radiates is unmistakable. Her clear skin, shiny hair, radiant smile, elegant posture and springy step are all part of her glow. We all know how important it is to maintain our health and well-being, to rest, eat right and use great skincare.

Certainly good concealer and lipstick help, but your glow comes from your aliveness, from giving yourself permission to do things your own way.

The good news is, your spirit is unquestionably beautiful! The most important criteria of being a beautiful person is caring deeply about others. I hope you feel a passion for life, and that you greet your days with vitality and excitement.

Whom you love, what you feel connected to, and your attitude about yourself are the essential foundation of your beauty. “The glow” isn’t something you “get”. It is something that returns to you, like a promise, or an affirmation that you are living in a way that supports your true essence.

I know from personal experience that “the glow” is not something I can take for granted. When I am off track, pushing too hard, doubting myself, not putting my well-being first, my glow vanishes. When I spend more time caught in the whirl of shopping than I do painting or in nature, my outfit might look nice, but my glow is in serious jeopardy.

The glow takes maintenance and, in this case, it is the maintenance of your spirit. You have to chart your own course and make your own rules because there are no absolute beauty guidelines to follow. There is no formula. Getting the glow only works if you do it with your own flair.