panorama of the skyline cityscape of Reykjavik, reflected in lake Tjornin at the blue hour in winter

Women in Iceland are protesting the Gender pay gap, and for the fourth time since the event started, stopped work early today. In Iceland women earn up to 18% less than their male colleagues. To protest wage inequality, thousands of Icelandic women stopped working at 2:38pm on October 24th, 2016, which is roughly the time they’d start working for free.

“Women’s Day Off” was originally held in Iceland on October 24, 1975. That day, tens of thousands of women in Iceland left their work and gathered in downtown Reykjavík to bring attention to their large role in society. October 24, 2005, Women’s Day Off was celebrated for the second time, when women walked out at 2:08 pm. In 2008, they walked out at 2:25 pm. According to Iceland Review: “In eleven years, less than three minutes have been gained a year in narrowing the gender pay gap. Thus, if the same trend continues, not until 2068 will women and men enjoy equal pay.”