Halloween Kids Face Painting - young girl with witch face paint making expression

Looking for inspiration for Halloween or Dia de los Muertos face painting for kids or grand-kids? We’ve collected some amazing shots of children’s painted faces that will help inspire even any parent or grand-parent. Whether your child or grandchild already has a costume, these wonderful ideas for children’s face painting will either complement their costume or can work just as well without a costume.

While most of these ideas are not too difficult, a few are a bit more intricate and might require a little more skill – but every single one accomplishes a stunning Halloween transformation.

Flip through our collection of kid zombies, wild and not-so-wild animals, mini-monsters and beautiful skulls, butterflies and more, and come away with some amazing ideas for your child’s Halloween.

Here’s our collection of Halloween face painting ideas for kids – and if you’d like to see more, here’s our collection for women and girls – enjoy!