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Reddit attracted approximately 19 million female users in the past month, about 38% of its total visitors

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Founded in 2005, #7 Reddit is a social media and news aggregation platform. It provides its users with the opportunity to rate discuss topics of all kinds. Topics that receive higher ratings are ranked higher and get more visibility within Reddit’s communities.

Content is organized by areas of interest known as “subreddits”. Its mission is to “help people discover places where they can be their true selves, and empower our community to flourish.”

Conde Nast Publications acquired the site in October 2006.[/fusion_text]

Here’s what Reddit looked like in 2006…

Web.Archive.Org - WayBack Machine - #7 Reddit, October 13, 2006

Web.Archive.Org – WayBack Machine – #7 Reddit, October 13, 2006


More Reddit Stats:

  • 25 Global Rank
  • 9 US Rank
  • 481 million total visits in the past month
  • ~40% estimated percentage of Reddit users who are female
  • 11% percentage of adult female internet users who use Reddit or similar discussion forum as of April 2015
  • 58% percentage of Reddit users 18-29
  • ~150 number of employees
  • 18-34 audience age group that most index above internet average for that group

Data Sources: LinkedIn, PayScale, Pew Research, Alexa, Wikipedia

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