Which Social Network Is Most Popular With Women?

Which social network is your favorite go-to online? Social networks have forever changed how women communicate with each other online. Many of us keep up with friends and family members on Facebook. We watch movies on YouTube, check the news on Twitter and keep our job profiles updated on LinkedIn. Some social networks like Facebook have even become part of our everyday lives.

We wanted to pinpoint which of the top social networks are most popular with women. We analyzed worldwide traffic and data from multiple sources including Alexa, Wikipedia, Pew Research and other sites. We also looked at data provided by the social networks themselves.

Social Networks Ranked

The following list ranks the top social networks by their overall popularity with women. We ranked the list based on the number of women who we estimated visited each site in the past month. We also included some more stats relevant to each company and think you’ll find this as interesting as we did.

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