Choosing To Be Single & Happy

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I could have been highly offended, and justifiably so. Instead, I made a conscious decision not to be. His words, although definitely not seasoned with salt, summed up for me in a nutshell the shared plight of many women over 40. This particularly applies to those of us who, either by choice or by circumstance, remain single. Fostered by a youth-enamored society, the assumption is that rather than being in any way enhanced by age, women are tarnished by it.

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Opinion: Is The Burkini Oppression or Choice?

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The Burkini Raises More Questions New pictures have emerged of armed French police officers forcing a woman on a beach in Nice, the south of France, to remove her clothing. In the wake of an Islamophobic wave that's gripping Europe and landing squarely in middle of the 2016 US Presidential election, there's a [...]

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