Too Nice? The Dangers of Being a Doormat and How to Say No

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Raise your hand if you recently said yes to something you really wanted to say no to. It often happens this way: you’re nice, nice, nice until you have a meltdown and realize how far away from your own priorities you have drifted.

Collateral Damage of Divorce: The Loss of Family and Friends

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If marriage is one of the most complex relationships, then it should be no shock that divorce be equally intricate. It is thought that somewhere between 45% and 50% first-time marriages end in a divorce; rates are higher for second and third marriages.

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Good Time To Become An Ex-Pat?

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I am retired and on a limited income. I am considering moving out of the country to a more affordable place, one of the options being an ex-pat town in Mexico, or a town in rural Italy.

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