Getting the Glow: Charting your own course

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We all notice a woman who has a visible passion for life. The beauty and confidence she radiates is unmistakable. Her clear skin, shiny hair, radiant smile, elegant posture and springy step are all part of her glow.

Antibacterial Soap? Say Goodbye to Triclosan

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Choosing a bottle of hand soap sounds, understandably, mundane. The options are pretty straightforward: Ocean fresh or citrus, maybe a little aloe, or just grab the color that goes best with the paint in the bathroom. What about this: antibacterial or not? The average consumer probably thinks this is a clear decision. One washes their [...]

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Spice Up Your Life! 3 Surprising Benefits of Turmeric

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Could you use a little spice in your life?  Research indicates that spice may be just what the doctor orders!  While studies are still in their infancy, evidence suggests that turmeric offers some amazing health benefits. What Is Turmeric? If you're a fan of Indian food, chances are good that you've already tried this [...]

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Driving Me Crazy

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Dear Emma, What should I do when my 45-year old son tells me he has the right to correct my driving? He thinks I drive badly and that he has special privileges as a passenger. I’m 76 and have zero accidents or speeding tickets in 46 years of driving. Plus, my doctor just gave me [...]

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