Let Children Go

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Our children didn't follow a traditional straight line, and they still don't. In their current lives as fathers, they eschew much of cultural dogma, and stand their ground with definite ideas and principles. We didn't trace a straight line for them, so we couldn't expect them to follow one. Yes, it is hard to leave them be when they face the adult world threshold after high school. One has to let go, take a leap of faith, trust that you have done your best, and hope they figure it out successfully their own.

A Hot Day: Photos in the Sky

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How many minutes ticked away as we waited for this subtle cool to arrive, feeling the pervasive heat embracing us like an fur coat? The day was an overzealous host, benevolent and giving of warmth, when it was least wanted.  We pull the shades down, and sit in the warm darkness of the indoors.

On Snakes: The Burmese Python

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Snakes are a fact of life in Myanmar (Burma). There are more than 150 species of snakes in the country, and 40 of those are venomous. While King Cobras and Vipers are common, the most well-known snake of Myanmar is the Burmese python.

Choosing To Be Single & Happy

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I could have been highly offended, and justifiably so. Instead, I made a conscious decision not to be. His words, although definitely not seasoned with salt, summed up for me in a nutshell the shared plight of many women over 40. This particularly applies to those of us who, either by choice or by circumstance, remain single. Fostered by a youth-enamored society, the assumption is that rather than being in any way enhanced by age, women are tarnished by it.

Erasing the Stigma of Mental Illness

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At the age of 30, I was diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder. The diagnosis was actually a blessing, as well as a curse. The blessing? It clarified, identified, and explained bewildering behaviors, irrational fears, and confounding symptoms that I'd experienced my entire life. It set things in order. Now things made sense. I made sense, and I begin to see myself as I never had before.

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Why Your Podiatrist Hates Your High Heels

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Picture this: walking in high heels is the equivalent of walking on a ramp. When you wear high heels, the angle of your body changes to adjust for the incline of your feet. As you can imagine, the downward force places extra pressure on the balls of your feet.

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