ICYMI- This Week’s News Including Dismantling Internet Privacy Laws, London’s Attack, American Healthcare, & Flowers and Puppies

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ICYMI- This Week's News in pictures including dismantling internet privacy protections laws, London's attack, the future of American healthcare, and celebrating flowers and puppies.

A Dater’s Guide to Having the “Money Conversation”

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Being a relative newcomer to dating, I’ve been intrigued with how people get to know one another and what they look for in a prospective mate. Often, people are adamant about being with someone who shares their political and religious beliefs, yet fail to have any discussion about money. The "money conversation" can be harder [...]

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African Grey Parrots: Intelligent and Endangered

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African Grey parrots are widely favored as pets due to their high level of intelligence and incredible abilities to “speak” and communicate. Yet, the same endearing qualities that makes them so popular as pets also increases their market demand, ultimately threatening wild populations.

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Everyone’s a Critic

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I have a grown son who recently came out as gay. I love him dearly, but I’m from a conservative family and being gay just “isn’t done”.

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Weighting for Godot’s Goat

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My fiancé criticizes me all the time about my weight. I have struggled with it for years, and am probably now at the heaviest I have ever been. I’ve had a lot of stress at work, and my only brother passed away a year ago. My fiancé is very conscious about looks, though he himself is quite overweight.

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November’s Supermoon: The largest Moon since 1948

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A few months ago, I was driving home along the waterfront in the San Francisco Bay Area, and looked up to see a huge moon glistening over the water. The impressive sight happened to be a supermoon or a mega moon, which happens when a full moon is closest to Earth.

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